im kyle

2008-08-10 10:37:55 by KyleForcella

hi............... i make music with logic studio. (logic pro 8)

hi im kyle

2008-01-20 11:43:41 by KyleForcella

hi newgrounds


2008-01-08 18:41:19 by KyleForcella

hay. i can't post any song cuase my comp- is broken. once i get it fixed i'll post some more

marry christmas

2007-11-25 09:30:11 by KyleForcella

merry christmas newgrounds!


2007-11-16 15:24:02 by KyleForcella

bla me bloooo

well well well...

2007-11-13 20:51:45 by KyleForcella

well i cant put aney music on because i don't know how to turn it into a gif. thingy. can someone please help me?


2007-11-13 18:23:50 by KyleForcella

hello! im kyleforcella otherwise known as celldwellercrisangel on youtube! check out my page " sangel